Tamami Maitland is a singer-songwriter/Jazz pianist based in Vancouver BC. Canada. In 2021, She was selected to perform with her own vocal/piano trio for DTES (Downtown East Side) Artist Showcase in Vancouver BC Canada, and in 2022 she was selected to perform at 5 festivals in the lower mainland BC Canada.  So far she has released 20 singles and one album, and more to come in the next year. Growing up in Japan, she was influenced by music by Studio Ghibli, Japanese culture and poetry. She was a poet at age of 8, but once she discovered her love for music, she never looked back. In fact, the lyrics of her original songs are often related to nature, the seasons and love, just like traditional Japanese poetry. She started writing songs with Japanese lyrics growing up, and later on life with an extensive Jazz education received from Berklee College of Music (MA, USA) and Capilano University (BC, Canada), she developed her own style of music which is interspersed across several genres of jazz, pop, R&B and soul.  The sound of her music can be described as soothing, groovy, melodic, and rich in harmony.

Tamami has a clear goal of writing /performing music. It is to encourage and help people to stay positive, especially to those who are feeling sad or facing difficulties in their lives. She believes that Imagination helps both our self healing process and developing our creative mind. For this reason, she is a big fan of many different forms of art and creation. She believes that Art exists and plays a big role in developing our brain, expressing ourselves, sending messages, and connecting with people. And that’s exactly what she wants to do with her music.

                                Photo by Laura-Lee