Original Composition Samples                                         

Original Composition by Tamami Maitland

Original Composition by Tamami Maitland.Bryony Ollier on Vocals

Original Composition by Tamami Maitland. Performed by MoonBug (Bryony Ollier on vocals, Ian Leyland on Guitar, Doug Quiring on drums, Emilio Suarez on Bass, Tamami Maitland on piano). Recorded at Park Sound Studio in North Vancouver BC Canada

Original Instrumental Composition by Tamami Maitland

Jazz Standards/Pop Cover

Performed by Slinki (Bryony Ollier on Vocals, Ian Wijesinghe on Bass, Tamami Maitland on Piano) 

Live performance by "Moonbug" at Cottage Bistro. Tamami Maitland on Key, Doug Quiring on Drums, Ian Leyland on Guitar, Paul Silva on Bass. Recorded on June 14th 2018

Ian Wijesinghe on Bass, Tamami Maitland on Piano

Live Performance with French Jazz Band The Mad Affair : Alannah Lori on Vocals, Andrew Stack on Guitar, Michael Wagler on Bass, Tamami Maitland on Keys. Recorded at Aperture Coffee Bar on August 25th 2018